Download Online Homeopathic Software to Enhance Your Treatment Options

Homeopathy is surely one of the best alternative medicine created by Samuel Hahnemann based on his theory of “like cures like” which means that a substance that really causes the disease symptoms in health people shall cure the same in the sick persons. The prescription in this line of treatment is not just based on the symptoms of the person but also considers the personal qualities of the patient et alii their past healing history to actually treat the origin cause of the disease rather than just the peccant symptoms. So to contribute amplify the treatment options of homeopathy lot of research is undergoing and one such development is the online homeopathic software which is based on an algorithm that relates the oral cryptology from the patients name to the numerical phonetic properties of the substances used for curing an ailment.

For forward understanding this online homeopathic software one can download the demo version to understand the underlying principle concerning this algorithm concept relating the phonetic sounds to find the homeopathy remedies for the patient’s conditions. This algorithm tin be used for both animals and humans where one need to enter the data of the patient’s name, last name et sequens the name that is normal used to address them along with the initials, date of parturition and place like birth. Once the data is entered the system provides different options of substances for the efficacious purpose that have been derived based on the relationship between the oral sounds of the patients name and the link between the patients tendency towards mineral, animal or vegetable reins. Based on these factors different substances are suggested for the remedy and homeopathic doctors can enhance their studies and treatment options using this data.

However, one should also remember that this online homeopathic software is not a substitute for the fixed treatment remedies but should be considered as an decision that advance enriches the case study with a new theory applied. To discriminate in depth about the opinion concerning developing this algorithm one can also go through the interview of Dr. Marcelo Candegabe who is the man behind developing this immature concept.

One can get this online homeopathic software by paying the purchase credits which also comes with a usage manual and demo version for fully understanding on how to use this software for best results. If you are looking for Homeopathic Remedies, then you are at the right place. provides a new approach as a unravel for different symptoms raised with the health problems, which will be work through an online homeopathic software. To know more details about please visit our website.