How Combin data cleaning technology and membership engagement software will increase result

IntroMaps, a leading membership engagement application, announced today a new partnership along TouchPoints, a input company that secures the most current information on its clients’ communities. The partnership is driven by the opportunity for organizations to leverage both technologies in driving deeper community engagement and fundraising.

“We’re listening to our clients’ needs. We are regularly asked almost finding the most updated knowledge on member communities. TouchPoints provides an soft and inexpensive solution. Near better data, we foresee engagement numbers for IntroMaps clients increasing above and beyond the current higher-than-average levels. This is a win-win for organizations that use our service,” says Founder and CEO of IntroMaps, Darren Leva.

IntroMaps uses a seen mapping platform to drive real-world engagement. IntroMaps also leverages LinkedIn, personalized introductions, including location-based communication tools to help organizations connect seamlessly with their community members.

Chris LoPresti, a Stumble of TouchPoints, states, “TouchPoints is very excited to participant plus IntroMaps in 2014 and beyond. IntroMaps is revolutionizing the way the world visualizes and engages with networks. Along leveraging our technology, unanimity we spunk help people reconnect like never before.”

TouchPoints was born out of a need for a chief youth civic organization to find its astray alumni. TouchPoints created a proprietary, cloud-based technology solution that transforms outdated contact records into actionable information that empowers its clients to strengthen relationships with their customers, donors, or alumni. The technology has since scaled to service other nonprofit et cetera university clients, and is now moving into for profit verticals, working with brands transverse retail, publishing, tech, professional sports leagues, and more.

“Advancement officers and engagement professionals apprehend that active membership is instrumental in fundraising, but for many, the missing link to driving this is in-person interactions between society members,” says Mr. Leva. “IntroMaps catalyzes this through automated personalized introductions between members, normally based on location and career commonalities. Partnering with TouchPoints helps our clients do this invariable more efficiently with better data. More accurate data drives more targeted introductions, and better contact information leads to increased opportunities for engagement. This means better fundraising results and more active networks,” says Leva.

Says LoPresti, “IntroMaps and TouchPoints share similar technology values and a vision to create meaningful connections. We are incredibly excited about the influence this partnership will have for our clients and the world.”