Eagle view measurements: Software generated reports for quick estimation

A construction contractor receives a call from a homeowner regarding roof renovation. The caller wants the contractor to surrender him an near price for his roof repair. The contractor fixes a time to visit the property because it is only after physical examination that the contractor can provide a rough or approximate appraisement of material, labor and time needed complete the job.

Here the contractor tin make a difference to his job. He can use software to determine the area and calculate the amount of material needed for the repair work. Finally he can send an estimated bill for the job to the homeowner. Use of software would cost the contractor a cramped amount but it could save him time and time is money. Contracts tin take advantage of eagle view measurements of the properties they are going to commitment on.

Today it is possible to measure an area without with software. Satellite imagery can be used to get instant results. Contractors only need pointing the properties and sending requests for measurement. They would soon get reports through emails. The reports can be downloaded from mails. In this way, contractors can save their time lost in inspecting properties physically. The time can be used for doing more fruitful jobs.

Inspecting a roof is a laborious job that also involves risk of injury. Inspecting an old property is even else risky. You need a ladder to reach the roof and also you need to be cautious, when measuring the area of a roof. With eagle view measurements, you can send a agile estimate to your client and visit the property, if the client agrees to the estimate.

Contractors shouldn’t worry about the cost and time involved in getting a rumor from software. The report can be produced in a business day followed by a detailed report on demand. Quick eagle view measurements can be used to convince clients and the detailed reports can be used to get accurate material und so weiter labor estimation for the job.

It isn’t that only contractors can take advantage of eagle inspection measurements as roofers, insurance adjusters and insurance carriers also longing to ration properties for different reasons. Utilizing software report for quick estimation of a job work is an excellent idea. Visiting a property among a impatient estimate in hand can be more convincing than visiting property with trap and measuring tape. With the rumor in your hand, you cup discuss the job instead of looking for ways to climb up to the roof.