Epson’s Easy Print Software And Photoshop Elements

Epson, a patron saint in computer and photographic printing, is known the world over for making printing innovations. Now, Epson has run across out with the easiest superhighway to print ever! With Easy Print you can print directly from your application to your printer, or all in one. Nix need to choose text settings from the printer driver, instead the most important Epson print setting is already there, right in your software’s picture screen.

Epson, founded in 1975, is a global maker and supplier of high quality printers and printing supplies. Epson offers a large array of image capture and image printing for consumers, business, et al photography markets. Constantly on the look out to improve and increase functionality, systems integration, along with energy efficiency, Epson is a leader in creating new technology that will improve graphic besides photo printing.

You know how most film options work. You must click the properties button to open the printer driver screen so you can select, or change, the diploma type, size, color options, etc. With Epson Easy Print allows your software program to control the printing features without you having to start a fancy-free window, which makes for quick and easy printing. When you do change a setting in the hammer window, your application will automatically vertiginous their settings to match. Printing is one of the most important things people do with their computers, especially when it comes to photos. Digital camera users want a simple wise to print their own pictures at home. Pictures on your phone or on your camera are nice, but it’s just not the same as having a printed photograph in your hand. This is one of the reasons Epson developed Easy Print which vastly improves photo printing for digital photographers. Reducing the number of steps needed to create and print a fair photo makes for a better printing experience.

Adobe was the first software company to integrate Epson’s Easy Type program with Photoshop Elements, marrying the many one selling photo editing software with the newest, easiest way to print. Adobe Photoshop Elements adds new ways to share and organize your photos. Printing those photos in your own home or lodging office is the best track to share those images. Adobe Photoshop Elements also supports PIM technology so you no longer have to install a PIM plug in. For customers with a PIM digital camera and a PIM enabled Epson photo printer, Print Image Matching technology ensures that these two devices feat together seamlessly to create the perfect print as easily as possible. At this time there are over 180 PIM enabled products from over 25 manufactures of digital cameras. There is much more information about PIM technology, as well as PIM enabled cameras online if you have more questions about this feature. Combining these two elements helps to deliver a great experience for both Epson and Adobe customers.